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What do Ukrainian women eat

Eastern country specialties: what do Slavic women eat

We all love to eat and everyone has their own food preferences. Some prefer refined cuisine in starred restaurants, and for others the homemade meal, prepared with a loved one, is much more delicious! To build harmonious relationships with a Ukrainian or Russian woman it is useful to know her dietary rites.

In the morning, before work, every European  will have a cup of coffee for breakfast, while a Ukrainian woman will prefer a more substantial breakfast: oatmeal with fruit or a semolina with milk, omelette, yogurt or Butter and cheese sandwiches with a cup of tea or coffee.

National Ukrainian dessert - cheese pancakes

It has traditionally happened that breakfast in Ukraine is considered one of the most important meals. According to what a person eats in the morning, depends on his work activity during the day, we believe in Ukraine.

Usually, Ukrainians take their breakfast from 6 am to 11 am. In this country, everyone has their own meal schedule, which depends on their work schedule. Most Kharkov residents work in private companies and their working day starts at 9:00 am - 10:00 am. There are also officials who start their work at 8 o'clock. But there are also people who work according to their individual schedules - the self-employed.

Ukrainians start lunch from noon. And there is the main difference between Ukraine and Europe: in Ukraine, there is no lunch break of two hours. The lunch break of each employee of a private company depends on his schedule. Sometimes it can take an hour and sometimes an employee is allowed to leave for only 20 minutes for lunch. In state-owned enterprises, the situation is a little different: each employee has a lunch break from 12 to 13 or from 13 to 14 hours.

What do Ukrainian or Russian women have for lunch?

Jelly meat the traditional Ukrainian starter

If it's during the week and you have to eat at work, in most cases the people of Kharkov bring the house-meal, and then it's heated in the microwaves in the offices. The lunch menu of a Ukrainian is not very different from that of a European citizen. It can be a salad, a meat or a fish, accompanied by mashed potatoes, dough or rice. In Ukraine too, buckwheat is very popular. People eat it with meat or prepare soups with.

On weekends, lunch can start a little later, between 13 and 15 hours, with family or friends. During the cold season, Ukrainians prefer to eat soups or the national dish - borscht, most of the time. One of the main ingredients of the borscht is the beetroot, which gives the borscht an intense red color. The other ingredients are potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions and meat. Traditionally they eat borscht with cream. There are those who like to eat borscht with bacon and mustard. Also you can eat a piece of garlic with the borsch, for those who like.

When summer begins, Ukrainians prefer to eat the traditional cold soup - okroshka. Okroshka is a mix of different types of meat or fish and finely chopped boiled vegetables seasoned with herbs (finely chopped green onion, parsley, dill), special white kvass with a cream.

Ukrainian national dish Borsch

The borscht is a fairly hearty dish and sometimes people do not eat anything after the borscht, but it depends on individual preferences. Hot and cold soups are less hearty dishes, and after them you can eat fish or meat, along with potatoes or vegetables. Unlike in Europe, in Ukraine it is customary to eat bread only with soups and there are few people who eat meat and fish with bread.

There are several types of bread in Ukraine:

  • White bread - made from wheat flour of the highest quality.
  • Black bread - made from rye flour (complete).
  • Borodinsky bread is a variety of rye bread. It consists of rye flour (80%) and wheat flour of the second kind (20%), as well as red rye malt, sugar, syrup, yeast, salt and herbs (cumin meadows or coriander).
  • Bran Bread - based on high quality flour with added bran.
  • Yeast-free bread - can be baked with different flour. In its preparation we do not use yeast, but ferment it.

Chicken Kiev: an Ukrainian speciality

Almost all Ukrainian or Russian women keep their line and prefer salads and vegetables to potatoes or dough and try to eat bread as little as possible.

The meals that the ukrainian or Russian women prepare for dinner do not differ much from those taken at lunch. However, if it is a supper, women would prefer light and wholesome dishes such as salad and white meat or fish to soup or borsch with meat. Dinner starts at 7 pm, when most people return home after work. Usually they dine with the family and at the weekend Ukrainian people dine with friends or relatives. 

In Ukraine you do not have coffee every time after eating. Ukrainians drink very little coffee in general. Usually, before or after the meal, Ukrainian girls prefer to drink fresh fruit juice and, in the summer, a stew (a boiled fruit or berries drink) or a uzvar (a boiled fruit or dried berries drink). Still in Ukraine they drink a lot of tea: black, green, fresh fruit, mint, jasmine, lavender, thyme and even basil.

In Ukraine there is an incredibly diverse cuisine and each region has its specialties. In addition to the borsch, which is famous in Ukraine, it is cooked varenyky (some sort of ravioli but larger). Varenyky can be stuffed with salted or sweet cheese, mushrooms, raw or cooked cabbage, beans, millet, poppy seeds, apples, cherries, berries, jam, bacon, liver, etc.

Traditional Ukrainian starters

Ukrainian or Russain women also cook chops (ground meat in the shape of a cake, in European cuisine - croquet), stuffed cabbage leaves (meat or vegetables chopped with boiled rice, wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves), potatoes pancakes, zrazy (meatballs with minced meat), a traditional cold dish - a jelly meat (an ice-cold broth with pieces of meat. This is a very healthy dish that contains a great amount of collagen).

Dairy drinks are typical for Ukrainian cuisine, lactoline, kefir, ryazhenka and yogurt in particular. Cream and cottage cheese are also very popular.

Ukraine also has traditional desserts - sweet and salty pancakes, raccoons (donuts cooked with cottage cheese, flour and eggs, served with cream and jam); the Smetannik pie (a biscuit mille-feuille, with which fresh cream is added). In addition, the cream is also used in the manufacture of the cream which is spread biscuits); a Kievsky cake (recipe and technology were developed at the confectionery factory in Kiev in 1956. The cake consists of two biscuits blown with meringue and walnut sandwiched cream.The surface of the cake is decorated with various creams, the lateral one is sprinkled with hazelnut crumbs).

Kiev cake - The most famous Ukrainian dessert

However, the Ukrainian or Russian women cook not only national dishes. In Ukraine people eat a lot of salads, meat, fish and pasta. Pizza with all kinds of ingredients is also very popular.

Arriving in Ukraine, we advise you to try national dishes to get an idea not only of the cultural aspect of the life of the country, but also of its gastronomic specialties, which may not be as refined than in France, but however are not less tasty!