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Kharkiv is a modern city to meet your soul mate

Kharkiv (video) seen from drone

Have you met a woman in Ukraine on the internet and you want to come and meet her in Kharkiv? It is a good idea, especially since Kharkiv is a very pretty city in every period of the year.

The first discovery you make having arrived in Kharkov to get to know a Ukrainian or Russian woman - the city is simply bathed in greenery. It is hard to imagine that the city has 2 million inhabitants, of which 1.2 million are Ukrainian and Russian women, which covers an area of 80 km2 and which was the first capital of the Eastern State - Ukraine, may have full rest areas, five large parks and a modern downtown zoo.

When you leave the airport to meet your future Ukrainian wife, you will immediately notice that you have come to a modern European city. Having taken a taxi, you will notice that on both sides of the wide avenue, there is a green lawn with trees and that the avenue itself is separated by flowerbeds of beautiful flowers.

Going down to a comfortable hotel in the city center, you will notice that a few meters from Liberty Square, located in the city center itself, is the magnificent Shevchenko park where there are many flowers, trees, fountains and trails. There are also three artificially created lakes in Shevchenko Park, which are communicated by waterfalls. It’s a great place to invite a Ukrainian or Russian woman for a walk after a date, especially if you came to Kharkov to find your soul mate.

Shevchenko Park, the alley of the three lakes (video)

At the entrance of the park, on the side of Sumskaya street, you will see with your darling the monument to the Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), in honor of which the park was named. His works and verses are taught in schools and every Ukrainian knows at least a few by heart. You can read Taras Shevchenko's verses in English by clicking here 

In Shevchenko Park there is the NEMO Dolphinarium, where you can watch shows with the dolphins or swim with them in a pool. The shows take place every day at 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Special romantic evening shows are also organized on weekends. They start at 9:30 p.m. Attending a romantic show with the dolphins it can be an original idea for a date with a Ukrainian or Russian woman.

In the dolphinarium there is also an oceanarium - aquariums with sea fish and oceans, turtles, exotic and mysterious animals from different parts of our planet! Beautiful scenery, exciting excursions and cinemas with films about nature.

Next to the Shid Opera theater, in Shevchenko Park is an alley of stars. Each year in Kharkov in the spring the Francophonie Day takes place and the famous stars of French cinema come to Kharkov and leave their palm print on this alley.

Shid Opera Theater (video), the alley of stars

Kharkov Zoo is located in the heart of Shevchenko Park. Founded in 1895, it is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and covers an area of ​​22 hectares. Its animal collection includes over 400 species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Among them there are rare species that are listed in the International Red Book and the Red Book of Ukraine. If the weather is nice - it's wonderful to go for a walk in the zoo with your Russian or Ukrainian woman.

Opposite the Shid Opera theater there is a square where the monument-symbol of Kharkov, the Mirror Stream is installed. Also at the bottom of the park the Myrrh-bearer Church was built, which immediately attracted attention with its beauty and golden domes. Anyone can admire the icons there.

By walking with your Ukrainian or Russian woman for half an hour from the Theater Schid Opera at the top of Sumskaya Street, you will arrive at Gorki Park, the largest park in Kharkov, located intramural.

The Gorki park covers an area of ​​130 hectares, more than 30 rides of Italian, German and American manufacturers operate there. They are designed for visitors of all ages. The rides are open all year round. The park is divided into several thematic areas: children's, extreme, family entertainment, French, retro, medieval square, sports complex, lake. The Gorki park has many trees, flowers, sculptures. Every day you can meet young people, parents with children, students and even the elderly. A special area has been created for them with a stage and benches where all weekend concerts take place. In the park you can also play football, volleyball, tennis, pétanque, take chairlifts. The biggest Ferris wheel in Ukraine with a height of 55 meters is installed in Gorki Park in Kharkiv. You can invite your Russian or Ukrainian woman to take a ride on this ferris wheel and see the beautiful city of Kharkiv from above.

The symbol of Kharkiv, The Mirror Stream (video)

Leaving Gorki Park and going down Nauky Avenue, you will arrive at Sarzhin Yar Park, which covers 12 km and an area of ​​200 hectares. It is known for its mineral water source and many locals come to take water there. In the park you can propose your Ukrainian or Russian woman fish for trout, play a propellant sport, play table tennis, roller skate and swim in a spring. There are bike paths on which it is possible to ride a bike. It is the ideal place for a romantic encounter, especially in summer, to reign in the city heat.

Not far from Sarzhin Yar Park is the botanical garden, which covers an area of ​​70 hectares and has 1,200 species of trees and bushes representing flora from various continents. The garden is open daily for visitors.

Every Ukrainian and Russian woman loves flowers. So it will be a good idea to invite her to go for a walk in the botanical garden.

Glory Memorial Complex video

In the historic center of the city is Strelka Park. It is located in the delta of the city's two main rivers - Kharkov and Lopan. There is the Lovers' Bridge, where young couples like to hang locks. There are also two docks in the park where you can rent a boat and take a ride with your Ukrainian or Russian woman on the Kharkov River. Kharkov is particularly beautiful in the evening when the night city lights up. Suggest to your beloved woman to have a romantic date on a boat just downtown.

In neighborhoods with city buildings there are also many public gardens and parks. And behind the city's peripheral boulevard is the private zoo "Ecopark". Entrance to this zoo is free. It is located in the forest and on its territory there are animals, a lake and stables with horses. "Ecopark" has more than 2000 animals. It is open daily and on weekends schoolchildren from different cities of Ukraine come here for excursions. It is a picturesque place to come and not only alone but also to invite the woman of your heart.

Also in Kharkov there is the Memorial Glory Complex. It is a monument to the defenders of the fatherland who have committed an immortal feat for the happiness of today's generations in the fight against the fascist invaders. 186,306 Soviet soldiers were abbatus in the battles for Kharkov. The memorial is made up of 3 memorable stelae with melted banners and several alleys. At the entrance of the memorial are 2 walls on the back of which are inscribed the names of the soldiers killed. At the center of the Glory Memorial Complex is a Motherland pedestal, frozen in silence grieved in memory of Abbat soldiers. At the foot of the pedestal an eternal flame burns.

Not far from this memorial complex is the Children's Railway (ChFE). The future professional railway personnel are trained on this basis. After taking a theoretical course, secondary school students master the main railway specialties. The basic length of the children's railway is 3.6 km. And the station at Parc station is the oldest among the ChFE stations in Ukraine.

Kharkiv at nigh (video)

Kharkiv is a very clean city. The order in the city is monitored by public services. Each spring, thousands of flowers are planted in the city, creating different compositions.

In the evening, all the streets and buildings of the city are lit and, in the festive days, multicolored garlands appear in the central streets, which makes the inhabitants happy.

In Kharkiv, there are many actions, concerts, parties, screenings of open-air films. Every weekend the city prepares new entertainment for everyone. The city's mayor organizes bicycle races, air shows, ethnic festivals, water sports competitions, etc.

Each inhabitant and each visitor to the city can find daily distractions according to their moods! You have to come to Kharkiv to meet your soul mate!