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Going on a trip with the matchmaking agency L'Ame soeur to meet your soul mate - it's a good idea!

One day you wake up and realize that you are tired of being alone. Instead of staying at home again on weekends, it's so nice to go somewhere by the sea with your beloved Russian or Ukrainian women, turn off your phone and spend all your free time with someone who we love very much.

The matchmaking agency L’Ame soeur invites you to go on an exciting journey, not by the sea, but in search of your loved woman, in Ukraine, in the city of Kharkov or Dnipro.

Everyone knows that life takes on bright colors when you have a beloved person nearby! And to find a woman really motivated to create a family, ready to love and support her man, and of course to receive her love, you have to register on the matchmaking agency L’Ame soeur dating site lameoeur. com

By looking at the profiles of Slavic women, you can send them messages or "winks", expressing your emotions. The women receive them directly. In the case of affinity, if one or some our members find your profile interesting and your goals in life corresponding to theirs, she or they will answer you by sending you messages.

All correspondence and messages are translated by our translators, so you will receive the answer in French or English. And the same for women - they receive your messages already translated into Russian.

The Lovers' Bridge in Kharkiv, the Kharkiv River

If you are lost with the number of pretty Russian and Ukrainian women on our Slavic dating site, we are always available to give you advice about each woman in our agency.

You can contact us for free by phone, Skype, whats up or email on the numbers that are listed on the site and we will give you information on every Ukrainian or Russian woman you have loved on our dating site L'Ame soeur. We will help you to choose the profiles of Slavic women that are most suitable for you, because we know each of our members personally.

In addition, the matchmaking agency L'Ame soeur offers you the opportunity to have an appointment by Skype with the members you have chosen, BEFORE COMING to meet them in Ukraine!

By registering on the website of the matchmaking agency L'Ame soeur you must fill out your profile and you have the possibility of sending 5 messages to our members that you have chosen. If there is mutual sympathy between you, you will have to choose one of our subscriptions to continue the correspondence and to come and meet Ukrainian and Russian women personally. 

After choosing it, you have the possibility of exchanging unlimited letters with our members, but we advise you not to impede your correspondence and to start to prepare your visit to Ukraine as soon as possible, because you must understand that in the marriage agency everything happens as in real life and women as well as men can meet their destiny in every moment.

It should not be forgotten that only a personal meeting with a woman can tell you if it is your soul mate.

So when the decision is made, you can start choosing the dates of your arrival in Ukraine to have meetings with Ukrainian and Russian women. To do this, contact us or send us a letter by email. We will help you organize your stay in Kharkiv or Dnipro.

Finding a woman abroad is easy with the matchmaking agency L'Ame soeur

You will receive a program of meetings with Ukrainian and Russian women before your departure from Europe. This will allow you to plan your stay in the city in the most productive way.

After the prior agreement of the dates of your arrival with our matchmaking agency, the day of your arrival, the interpreter will pick you up at Kharkiv airport. You will be given a phone with a local number so that you can contact an agency representative or the interpreter, if necessary.

During the meeting you will be able to exchange contacts with Ukrainian or Russian women if there is mutual sympathy between you.

Meetings are usually held in cozy restaurants or cafes to speak quietly with each other. But Ukrainian or Russian women can also suggest that you go for a walk in one of the city's parks, visit the sights of Kharkiv or Dnipro, take a romantic boat trip on the Kharkiv, Lopan or Dnipro rivers, if the weather is good.

Meetings organized by the matchmaking agency L'Ame soeur are no different from those between a man and a woman in real life. There is only one advantage: the Ukrainian or Russian women registered in the agency are 100% oriented to create a family and are looking for stable and serious relationships.