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Privacy policy

privacy-policy As a member, during your registration / renewal, you provided us with certain personal data: surname, first name, email address, date of birth, country of residence, address, telephone number, number of children, profession, interests, etc.

Very few data are required (those above in bold).

L’Âme soeur memorizes the data collected via your member file in order to communicate with you in the context of the activities of the matrimonial agency, and also try to offer profiles of members which correspond more to the profile of our members.

In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, the matchmaking agency L'Âme soeur undertakes not to disclose, not to transmit, and not to share your personal data with other entities, companies or bodies, whatever they may be. In accordance with the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations on the protection of personal data and our data protection policy.

This data is kept for the duration of your registration with the matchmaking agency L’Âme soeur and 1 year after your departure (unless requested by you to delete).

1. General information.

This privacy policy applies to the matchmaking agency "L’Âme soeur".

The terms "we" and "our" refer to the matrimonial agency L’me soeur, as defined in the conditions in force, and to the operation of the Services.

We uphold the highest standards regarding the protection of privacy and personal data. Our technical team does everything possible to guarantee the security of our site.

Online payments are secured by the HTTPS protocol to guarantee the encryption of your data during transmission and processing at the bank.

We will only collect, process or use your data if it is necessary for the performance and improvement of the Services and to the extent necessary, if you have consented or not opposed or if this is required or authorized by the legislation.

2. Why do we collect information about you ?

We must provide information about you when you register to benefit from the Service, respond to a survey, purchase a subscription, or send us a message from the contact page. Certain pieces of information are required to access the Services. The obligatory nature of each answer will be specified for each question, by an asterisk or otherwise. In the form of search criteria requires a majority of responses for the Service to be effective.

The data provided during your registration, as well as the data you voluntarily provide as part of the profile (for example, date of birth, nationality, ethnic origin, dress style, education / diplomas, lifestyle, musical or cinematographic tastes, animals company, religion etc) we use to present you profiles corresponding to other members, as well as personalized offers or special services through the Services.

3. What kind of information do we collect ?

The personal data we collect may include your name, postal and email address, your mobile phone number, your banking information, information about your physical appearance, photographs, voice recordings, videos, your city and region, your personal values, your interests and your use of the Services.

4. Who has access to your information ?

The information concerning you obtained when you subscribe to our Services is used to offer you our various Services. We have taken every precaution in our databases to archive your information in a secure environment. Only a small number of our employees have access to your information, which is only accessible when necessary.

The information contained in your search criteria and your profile is available on the L’Âme soeur website.

5. Management of your information

Even if only registered Members can view the data, you should know that you are acting in a public space and that you are responsible for your privacy.

In the section "profile / modify my profile", you can indicate if you would like to receive special offers from us.

Each Member can access their personal data to have them modified. If you want to delete or prohibit us from continuing to use your personal data, send us an email at info (at) lamesoeur. com indicating your ID number, your name and surname, your email address that you used during registration .

6. Links to other websites

This privacy policy does not apply to third party sites and the matchmaking agency l’Âme soeur is in no way responsible for the privacy policy of such websites. When the matchmaking agency L'Âme soeur provides links to other websites, it does not recommend the use of these websites and does not give any guarantee as to their content or the products and services provided and sold by these websites.