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Ukrainian restaurants, are there differences?

Familia restaurant, Kharkiv. French and European cuisine.

You wonder, going to a new country, especially to meet a woman of your life, what can I eat there in restaurants? Would I find the familiar European cuisine in a menu or only national dishes are offered in Ukrainian restaurants ... let’s see!

The main cuisine of Kharkov restaurants is European cuisine. Ukrainian restaurant owners and chefs are inspired by ideas and recipes from Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese cuisine and embody their culinary masterpieces in the menu of Ukrainian restaurants.

If you are thinking of eating with a Ukrainian or Russian woman in a Ukrainian restaurant, you should know that the first and perhaps the most important difference from Ukrainian restaurants is that they are open all day, from 10:00 to 23:00, and there are those that work 24 hours a day. That is to say that you can eat at any time.

MISTO club and restaurant, Kharkiv. European cuisine.

It is very romantic to invite a Ukrainian or Russian woman to have breakfast together on weekends. In every café or restaurant, there is the breakfast menu which includes a variety of milk cereals, pancakes, light salads, sandwiches, desserts and of course tea or coffee and fresh juices. The breakfast menu is offered from 08:00 to 12:00 from Mondays to Saturdays and on Sundays in some restaurants you can have breakfast until 14:00.

This schedule is due to the fact that most Ukrainians eat during all the day, depending on their work schedule and their personal preferences. And as the restaurants are open from 10am to 11pm and the small cafes and bakeries are open from 8am to the last client, the locals and guests of Kharkov have the possibility to choose their own individual meal schedule.

Nasha Dacha restaurant, Kharkiv. Italian and European cuisine.

Ukrainians mainly eat lunch between 12:00 and 14:00. There is no special day menu at lunchtime in Kharkov restaurants, as in Europe. You can have lunch together with your ukrainian or russian woman during her lunch break. It will please her.

At lunch, Ukrainians traditionally eat hot soup (or a special russian cold soup "okrochka" or an italian cold soup "gaspacho" - in summer), meat or fish with a salad and a dessert. In Ukraine, people do not eat fries, so if you want meat and french fries, you have to order them separately.

NEMO restaurant, Kharkiv. Japanese and European cuisine.

In a restaurant you will be offered a wine list where you will find wines from all over the world. All this is due to the fact that Ukrainians love and appreciate good quality wine. Most Ukrainian women prefer sweet wine. Local Ukrainian wines are produced in the south of Ukraine, but their taste is lower than that of French wines, which is not the case for local beer.

There are four restaurants - breweries in Kharkov where beer is produced according to Czech recipes. These are Stargorod, Slavutich Castle, Alt Beer, Pivobar.

NEMO restaurant, Kharkiv. Japanese and European cuisine.

In every restaurant in Kharkov you can order Ukrainian beer. It is especially popular in summer when the air temperature can reach 30 degrees. When ordering beer, you must specify the glass desired volume - 0.3 or 0.5 liter. In Ukraine people drink beer in a glass of 0.5 liter. Ukrainian and Russian women rarely drink beer. They prefer sweet wine.

You can enjoy national Ukrainian dishes at the traditional Ukrainian restaurant Sloboda, located in the center of the city. They propose borstch, varenyky, bacon, stuffed cabbage leaves, etc.

NIKAS restaurant, Kharkiv. Asian and European cuisine.

In the evening Ukrainian restaurants are filled with guests from 18 hours. There are restaurants that are more geared towards young people, and there are those where people come to spend time with family in a pleasant comfortable atmosphere. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, many restaurants invite singers to entertain guests in the evening. In addition, in summer, comfortable terraces of restaurants are opened, which allows, by strong heat, to refresh the guests thanks to the foggers.

In the evening a hostess will meet you at the entrance of the restaurant and propose you to take a seat at a table. Then a waiter will suggest you to drink cocktails or juice. The atmosphere in Ukrainian restaurants is quieter than in those European. People talk quietly and there is no noise that can be heard in any European restaurant. The Ukrainian restaurant is a great place to have the first date with a Ukrainian woman. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. Nothing prevents you from talking to get to know each other, laughing and sharing your plans for the future. 

Panorama restaurant, Kharkiv. Japanese and European cuisine.

Another difference from Ukrainian restaurants is that you can only drink a cocktail or eat a dessert and a waiter won’t  expects you to order a full dinner. Ukraine is a country of free choice. If you came to a restaurant with your Ukrainian wife, and you are not hungry, you can only order to drink and it will be normal. There are no meal schedules or specific obligations to restaurant guests. But if you have decided to continue the evening at the restaurant with a delicious dinner, the waiter will advise you specialties or dishes of the restaurant according to your preferences. In all restaurants in Kharkov you can eat meat or fish, poultry, salads, soups, pasta and vegetarian dishes. Almost in all restaurants there is a sushi menu. Japanese cuisine is now very popular among the inhabitants of Kharkov. There are specialty sushi restaurants in the city, as well as a sushi menu in each restaurant.

Generally, restaurants are open until 11:00 pm, but most restaurants nicely extend their hours of work to the last client.

JORD restaurant, Kharkiv. European cuisine.

All dishes in Kharkov's restaurants are tasty and prepared with only fresh ingredients. You can safely order meat and fish, and even sushi. Restaurants value their guests and their reputation. Many Kharkov restaurants are part of the Ukrainians restaurants chains. And every year there is a competition between the restaurants, where the jury counts not only the preparation of the dishes, the respect of all the norms and technologies, but also the opinions of the guests during the year.

Chekhov restaurant, Kharkiv. European cuisine.

After dinner at the restaurant, the waiter will bring you a bill. Usually, in Ukraine, people drop tips of 7 to 10% of the amount. It is not obligatory, but it will show your generosity to your Ukrainian woman of heart.

By knowing all these habits, you will feel confident in a new country and can focus on winning the hearts of your beloved Ukrainian woman.