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Your first meeting with matchmaking agency l'Äme Soeur

Meet a woman in Ukraine

There is nothing simpler than to meet a Slavic woman on the internet with the help of the dating agency L'Ame Soeur. But now there is the time for the first date and you ask yourself  what to do to impress a Ukrainian or Russian woman. The mentality of the Russian or Ukrainian woman is different from that of the French woman. So, you have to find out it beforehand so as not to get in trouble.

Our advices below will be useful when you first meet a Ukrainian or Russian woman.

First of all, you have to be in a good mood. Good humor is always success. You have to put on an ironed shirt and choose your favorite perfume to feel confident. Ukrainian and Russian women love it when a man is well looked after and smells good, and especially when he has good manners.

To make a good impression on a Ukrainian or Russian woman, you have to know the traditions of her culture and her country of origin.

First of all, Slavic women love flowers. Do not try to impress a Ukrainian or Russian woman with your sense of humor or stories about your career. Come and give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers - and you will make a good impression on her and give her a good mood for the whole evening. Even when she gets home, she will smile and remember you the next morning when she sees your bouquet again.

All Ukrainian and Russian women without exception consider the European as gallant and romantic men. And everyone knows that each gallant man opens a door in front of his lady at the entrance of the restaurant and gives her hand when she gets out of the taxi, compliments her during a meeting even if a Ukrainian or Russian woman is tired after a long day at work.

It is customary in Ukraine for a man to walk a woman back home if their meeting ends late, thus showing her his attention. So, if you had a good time together at the park or in a cafe, take care and suggest to a Ukrainian or Russian woman to call a taxi if the meeting ends late and it is already night.

Find your soul mate with the matchmaking agency L'Äme Soeur

 Every Ukrainian or Russian woman prepares for a meeting with a man, puts on make-up, combs her hair, puts on a beautiful dress. Therefore, when choosing your outfit for a first meeting with a Ukrainian woman, try to match. Most meetings take place in cafes or restaurants, and coming to a meeting at tennis and shorts will be a bad mood.

It happens that after the first meeting with a Slavic woman a man is convinced that he has met his soul mate. If this is the case and if you have other scheduled meetings, show respect to the other women with whom you have set up appointments and do not cancel the meetings with them. First, you will offend the feelings of women with this gesture. And secondly, maybe you only had the feeling that it was your soul mate and after a few days you will realize that you were wrong. In this case, it is still preferable to meet with each woman you have chosen on the site and not to give in to the first emotions the same evening.

Each of our clients has its own charm, its own piquancy, and is not like the others. But any woman, like anyone, can worry before the first meeting. Therefore, if you see that the woman is closed or shy, try to make herself come well, do not judge it at the first meeting but perhaps propose to see you again. And no doubt when the woman already knows you a little better, you will see her more open.

A romantic meeting with the marriage agency L'Äme Soeur

Before to start the conversation with a Ukrainian or Russian woman, learn a few sentences in Russian, for example, say hello and ask how it goes in her native language, or say in Russian to a Ukrainian or Russian woman that she is pretty or that she has a beautiful dress. Ukrainian or Russian women love compliments. Above all, she will appreciate your efforts to learn at least a few sentences in her mother tongue, which, you will agree, is not that difficult.

All residents of the Ukrainian city of Kharkov speak Russian. Historically, after the fall of the USSR, the eastern part of Ukraine continued to communicate in Russian. This is why, if you want to impress your Ukrainian or Russian woman, no need to learn Ukrainian, learn a few sentences in Russian and give your woman a smile.

The matchmaking agency L'Ame Soeur and our team wish you positive meetings and good emotions and hope that our advice will be useful to you!